Philippinen Reiseziele

What’s yet to come:


Lots more, I hope! Unless the Maya were right after all…

The next long-distance travel thing I’m just planning is a trip to the Philippines. Flight’s booked, now I just need to tie up some loose ends – visa, travel budget, vaccinations etc.

This is one of the things I’ll be exploring: An underground river on the island Palawan:

Besides, there are shipwrecks and the Bacuit archipelago to dive to,  and heaps of fish and other animals of course… and this is only one of the islands of the Philippines.

I’m thrilled.

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  1. Thanks for the follow on twitter. I am so jealous of your Philippines trip. I plan on visiting there one day. If you are interested in a link exchange let me know.


    • Hey J From Travel on Inspiration,
      I’m really looking forward to this trip as well! I’ll try to post regularly while I’m travelling, but internet speed over there can be an obstacle… What are your travel plans for 2013?

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