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Something new in the Christmas market market:

Bernkastel Christmas Market
Bernkastel Christmas Market

Bernkastel Christmas Market

Havin grown up in Germany, I’ve seen them all. Maybe not ALL the christmas markets, but enough for a lifetime surely. Christmas-market-wise, I would have had a rich and happy life had the world ceased to be yesterday, as some smartasses claimed the Maya had predicted.

But even when you’ve travelled everywhere, you can always – ALWAYS – make a new experience. For me, it was the christmas market in Bernkastel.

Bernkastel is a small town in the wine-growing region by the Moselle river. The town lives, breathes, sells and drinks wine. It’s all about wine. You’d expect them to have a special kind of mulled wine, or any other local specialty on sale at the christmas market, but no. A handful of the most usual market booths, that’s it. And it still does the trick – because the town is so charming itself.I didn’t ask, but the winegrowers probably think that heating up a good wine is a big waste and a sin.

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