‚There is a silver lining on the horizon‘ is a common phrase, telling us not to give up hope.

Horizons are a highly visual and metaphorical thing. We like landscape photography which is basically all about horizons, and we talk about horizons when we mean aspirations, levels of knowledge, longings, wishes or dreams. Horizons are thus also a very emotional thing.

The sad part of the horizon-metaphor is that one can never really reach them, never quite arrive. All we can do is admire them and try to get closer. Arriving is not part of the concept. But this should not discourage us. We should keep admiring, aspiring and experiencing new places. This is what horizons stand for, and thus they are a perfect metaphor for New Year’s resolutions: Even though you know you will probably not completely achieve your goal, you still try. You keep reaching for the horizon, and you try to become a better person. Not even trying would be the real failure.

So, even though it is hard to set goals when you know, as a realist, you will not achieve them, I have found my New Year’s resolutions (for travelling).

(1) I will – of course – keep travelling. Even if I have only little time and/or little money.

(2) I will always be open-minded and open to new experiences & friends, foreign cultures, unknown food and territory.

(3) I will improve my foreign language skills.

(4) I will be attentive to persons that try to tell or teach me something, even if they don’t appear glamorous, like-minded or fabulously interesting to me at first. Every person has his/her story to tell, and if you don’t listen, you miss out. I will especially spend more time with my wider family circle.

(5) I will be patient with public transport (while travelling and at home). Being upsetis no use.

The travel destination I am most passionate about is Australia – funnily also the country that has the most diverse and exciting landscapes and horizons, in my opinion. For me, it is a dream destination. I have found some beautiful horizon shot to motivate me – all taken in Australia, one for each month.


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  1. Well, I think you can reach your goals and fulfill your dreams. However, as soon as you get there you’ll have new goals and dreams. It’s a never ending story but I guess that’s what you mean by not being able to reach the horizon. It’s a good thing, keeps us going.

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