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10 Gründe, warum du deine Bratpfanne einpacken solltest


A good friend once asked me how I was going to cook my meals while backpacking, and whether I would need to take a frying pan. I didn’t back then, because I was going to civilized Australia. But actually, a frying pan is quite a useful and multipurpose piece of travel equipment. These are only a few things that came to my mind that you can use a frying pan for:

1. As sun protection

2. For table tennis

3. Music entertainment: As a drum

4. Sports entertainment: As a toboggan, to slide down a snowy hill

5. Life saver: To scoop water (out for a sinking boat for example)

6. As a defence weapon

7. As a hammer (can be useful when putting up a tent)

8. As a gong

9. As a signalling disc (when hitchhinking for example)

10. As a frying pan

This is of course not quite serious. But what it implies is: You can never be prepared for everything while travelling. But you get used to the limited number of clothes and useful items at your disposal. You get used to it quite quickly, and it makes you become inventive. You start thinking about practical ways of using, re-using, ab-using and recycling things. That’s not only good for the environment, it’s also a lesson in creativity.

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  1. Cute post! 🙂
    If its shiny stainless steel you can also use it as a signalling tool (if the sun is shining of course!) :p

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